Saturday, August 07, 2010

Back to Blogging...

Looking at my blog history, I realized that I haven been blogging for almost a year liao...Well, it has been quite a busy past year for me...Been busy with my work and school, trying to catch enough rest and balancing between work and school. I must say it is very tough, burning my energy on both ends. After 2 and half years of studies, I finally graduated this July...I must say all the Commencement thingy (buying plaques, stage photos and family photo) is quite nostalgic to me...After all, I graduated like 6 yrs ago...How fast time passes by....

On my studies, I have reached another peak, but on my career, I felt like I have hit the rock bottom. I used to get praised for my work in the current project but now, I cannot even recall when my boss has praised me recently...Lately, I found out what ppl always meant when one mistake can erase all good done...Guess my lack of confidence is my undoing...need something to divert my attention...

Monday, August 31, 2009

2nd yr anniversary

Haha...if you are looking for some "exciting" news after seeing the title, then you are going to be disappointed liaoz...

Today marks my 2nd year of leaving my last company...Time seems to have pass so fast...One flick of an eye, I am going to be 2 yrs in my current company...

What I really missed about my last company is the companions and atmosphere. Experienced all the warmth that my ex-colleagues gave me...Birthdays are such fun events there. But this year when I went back to have a look, the company looks as though a dead city...Everyone doing their own stuff, just like in my current company. After all, the fun people are all already gone in their separate ways.

My current company lets me learn a lot of things but is a bit lacking on the human touch area. I seldom joke and talk with my colleagues. One whole day can only talk that 1 or 2 sentences...super boring one lor...Most of us are super busy all the time coz biz too good...Well it is a good thing in such an economic times I guess...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Reality Check

Soon I will be turning 27...yeah...nice figure...
At 27, my buddy is going to have his 1st baby.
At 27, most of my friends are getting married.
At 27...what am I doing?
I think I gotta start to plan my 下半辈子...
Love is hard to get for me...friends love to comfort me saying I just haven met the right one...
But I know there may not be the right one for me in this life.
To me, a Libra, family and friends is the core of my life...others are not as important...
Maybe when the time comes, I will sell off everything I have and move into old folks home gotta start end lotsa money to do that...

Every year, my birthday wish is to find someone...but seems like the more I wished, the further I am from my ironic...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Exams over!!!

Exams is finally over for this semester...Gonna start another semester soon...end of this month...
This semester's exam is a first time for me...I never take leave for the whole week to study due to work committments.

First exam on Wed turns out still okay...
Second exam on Thurs is harder than the first one...1 mark question need to justify...a bit guo huo...
For last exam on Sat, although my company is very nice enough me to let me go on leave to study on Friday, it turns out that I am still ill-prepared for it...just hope to do okay for it bah...not very high hopes...

Yesterday, Sunday, is one of my closest friend's wedding. She sits in front of me in secondary school. We can talk about a lot of things back then, from sch to personal. Happy she found her Mr Right. :)

Friday, May 22, 2009


Yeah...I recovered from the dreadful chicken pox...feels so good to be able to scratch again!!!
Today went to see doctor, even got a letter of proof that I have recovered...hahaha..

Anyway, thanks to those who have send their warm "get-well" wishes to me when I am sick. You all do not know but they meant a whole lot to me. Thanks for all the concerns, makes me feel so good to have u all as my friends...Will not forget u all...muacks...hahaha

Well, once again, I am faced with reality...and it hurts.

Linger (蝴蝶飞)

Recuperating at home from my chicken pox, come across this movie they are playing on cable.
Always wanted to watch this coz that time (1yr or more ago bah) a lot of advertising on it.

Today finally caught it on cable. Cannot believe I cry a very long time since I am touched watching some movie/show...Well what it touches me is the talking about regrets, regrets over love, regrets over family...Guess the male lead, Vic Chou really brings out the sombre mood of the movie...I guess there are certain regrets that I connect to...

Haiz...really dunno wat to write liaoz...gonna sleep and face reality tml....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Facebook and 终极三国

Recently has been using Facebook a lot...been the "happening" thing in town now...almost everybody/thing is go in to have a peek inside...hehe...actually, quite a fun web app where it can link u to other apps too and of a lot of friends lor...too bad Friendster kena a bit "hacked" not so fun le...think gotta switch grounds...hehe

终极三国 is a new tw drama it coz very 无理头...very funny way to depict 三国 story in kiddo ban...but what really grows on me is the song...够爱 which is originally in 终极一家 but got sang by 曾沛慈, a 星光二gal...very young and tall gal with a very nice voice...below is the chance can go look for it...quite the yellow portion especially...

我穿梭金星 木星 水星 火星 土星 追尋
追尋你 時間滴答滴答滴答答滴身影

指頭還殘留 你為我 擦的指甲油
沒想走 你好像說過 你和我 會不會有以后
世界一直一直變 地球不停的轉動
在你的時空 我從未退縮懦弱
當我靠在你耳朵 只想輕輕對你說
我的溫柔 只想讓你都擁有

我的愛 只能夠 讓你一個 人獨自擁有
我的靈和魂魄 不停守候 在你心門口
我的傷和眼淚 化為烏有 為你而流
藏在 無邊無際的小小宇宙 愛你的我

你聽見了嗎 我為你唱的這首歌
是為了要證明 我為了你 存在的意義
世界一直一直變 地球不停的轉動
在你的時空 我從未退縮懦弱
當我靠在你耳朵 只想輕輕對你說
我的溫柔 只想讓你都擁有

我的愛 只能夠 讓你一個 人獨自擁有
我的靈和魂魄 不停守候 在你心門口
我的傷和眼淚化為烏有 為你而流
藏在 無邊無際的小小宇宙 愛你的我

愛你的我 不能停止脈搏
為了愛你奮斗 就請你讓我 說出口

Serious Food Poisoning

After Sunday's night dinner, I woke up on Monday morning 4am due to a terribly upset stomach...
In the end, stayed in the toilet from 4am to 7am, feel so weak that I have no strength to even crawl to my bed...just lie on the sofa outside my toilet to "standby" to go toilet again...
At 4+ am, my dad came in and said he also same thing...puke + LS...
At 7 am, I told my mum I cannot make it for work already...feel so weak man...then after she woke up, also the same thing happens to her...Turns out she is more serious than anything also puke out...and LS at the same time too...
Then my bro came to fetch us to see doc...doc immediately gave her a jab, then ok...My bro keep telling us he is ok as he is trying to find which food caused the thingy...but who knows...he kena the moment he fetch us the time my dad is home, he gotta fetch my bro to see doc and I also break out a fever last night...lucky the doctor's antibiotics strong sia...take le slowly recovering but today still too weak to go work...

In the end, conclusion is my whole family all kena food poisoning...faintz...lucky my side all ok...hope bro side is all ok too...

Monday, April 13, 2009


  1. 原来你跟其他女孩都一样。
  2. 原来我还是那么笨。
  3. 原来我并没几个朋友。
  4. 原来告白后,根本都没有可能是朋友。
  5. 原来这世界根本没有永恒的友谊。
  6. 原来我还是那么自不量力。
  7. 原来我这么讨人厌。
  8. 原来好朋友也可以出卖我。
  9. 原来大多数的人只是同情我。
  10. 原来我是那么的寂寞。